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71ch main 1971 Dodge Challenger

This Challenger is one of our all time favorite builds, and was featured in Hot Rod magazine. It was a collaborative effort between us and other shops. Most notably, we performed custom metalwork and rust repair. We built the modified hood, widened the rear wheel tubs by 2 in., repaired rust, replaced the quarter panels, modified and smoothed the firewall, and made sure all the panels fit together better than factory. The end result is a one-of-a-kind, 700hp road racing show stopper. 
Below are just a few photos taken throughout the restoration. (Click to enlarge)
71ch01 71ch02 71ch03 71ch04a 71ch05
71ch06 71ch07 71ch08 71ch09 71ch10 71ch11 71ch12
71ch13 71ch14 71ch16 71ch15a 71ch15 71ch17 71ch18

More coming soon!