What We Do

The following is a look at how we typically approach a complete rotisserie restoration. No two projects are alike, and some clients may want less or more than what's shown here. We're always happy to work with you based on your budget and desired outcome. This is just to give you an idea for what we can do at Finn's.


We remove and catalog every piece until we can't unbolt anything else. Engine, transmission, dash, interior, wiring, trim, lights, etc., are all removed. Old paint is removed with a sander.  Undercoating & seam sealer are scraped off by hand in preparation for sandblasting.
The car body is then installed onto a rotisserie. The vehicle is sandblasted to remove rust, old body filler, and remaining paint. Remaining media is cleaned up, and epoxy primer is applied to all bare metal to seal it off.
disass challenger_2 disass elcamino disass 356


Rust repair is always a major concern; luckily it's something we excel at. Even when no reproduction patch panels are available, our metal fabrication team can hand-form perfect steel patches from scratch that look just like original sheet metal. We also work with lead to re-create the seams between panels that were filled this way by the original manufacturer. To check and adjust panel fitment, we reattach all sheet metal (doors, fenders, hoods, trunk lids, valance panels, cowl panels, etc). If needed, we can then modify panel gaps by welding, grinding, or reshaping panel edges to fit flush to one another and have proper gaps.
metal porsche356 metal tbird_qtr metal pantera_qtr


tter than new.

We can upgrade the brakes, replace fuel & brake lines with stainless steel, install better control arms, add power steering, lower a car, do coil over shock upgrades, install stronger rear ends, add posi-traction, 4 wheel disc brakes, sway bars, etc.
chassis 67vette chassis 71challenger chassis 72chevelle


Dents are straightened out, and body filler is applied where needed.

We prep, mask and apply polyester primer to the car (mainly exterior). Then the entire car is block sanded with 3 grits.

We then repeat the process with urethane primer, and block sand the car with 3 different grits again.

When we're at the second stage of blocking (320 grit), we do invite the owner in and do a "wipe down."  The car is wiped with wax & grease remover and the car owner sights down the car's body to check the straightness of the car. We point out any flaws or waves we see.

The car owner decides what (if any) of the flaws they want taken care of, by way of more block sanding and priming to remove them.

Next, the car owner decides what finishes they want where. And where they want to finish (paint) at all.  This includes the engine compartment, passenger compartment, trunk area, and underside of the car.

If we're performing a complete rotisserie restoration, we then remove all bolt on sheet metal again, remove the suspension and place the car back on the rotisserie. We then prep the underside of the car, engine compartment, passenger & trunk compartments, door, fender, hood & trunk jambs for refinishing (paint, undercoating, bed liner, gloss or satin finishes, etc.) as desired by the owner, and coat these areas before the exterior.

The exterior of the car gets sanded one more time. Then we paint the car and parts in stages.
 corvmask  corvstreet  corvpaint


Color sanding flattens out small imperfections in the paint job after it has been painted. We wet sand with fine grit paper; usually 1000, 1500, and 2000 grit.

Every area that you want to color sand & buff will be sanded with at least 3 different grits.  If a smoother, glass-like finish is desired, then we start out with courser grits of paper prior to the 1000 grit.

Finally, we buff it out with a course pad & rubbing compound, followed by softer pads, finer compounds and polishes.
E1024-00070 E1024-00040 E1024-00087


This is where we re-install or replace everything that was removed in the beginning.  Wiring, interior, engine, transmission, suspension, sheet metal, chrome, bumpers, trim, lights, brakes, etc. are all put back in their rightful place.
assemb vette_dash assemb triumph assemb challenger


The sky is the limit when it comes to our custom builds.  We can do just about anything you can imagine.  Got a crazy idea in mind?  We’d love to hear it!

Anything that we do custom must be mocked up prior to paint.  This includes if a non-original engine and /or transmission are used.  Suspension modifications, body mods (smoothing firewalls, widening wheel wells, etc.), adding A/C, fuel injection, superchargers, etc. are all test-fit before the car is painted.

Our Designer can take your idea and create a rendering to help you visualize your dream car!  Body mods, wheels / tires, features, colors – you name it.  You’ll see exactly what your car will look like.

Dodge   Jeep


We have the resources to outfit your ride with a complete new interior.  From custom designed seating, door panels, headliner, dash, consoles and trunk area. We’ll take your ideas, or we can make proposals to go as far as you wish to make your car unique!

Finn’s can also replace your convertible or vinyl top with factory correct colors and materials.

Just want to restore your classic or make a few updates, we can do that too.  Many stock NOS replacement seat covers, door panels, dash pads and carpets are available, we can make it like new again!

rconv rbseat rb door cover


We work with the top brands and manufacturers to make your ride look just as wild as you want - at competitive prices.  We have a wide array of wheels and tires available, including classic and stock.  Its just a part of our services to make Finn’s your one-stop custom headquarters.

 wheel  tire  twinstalled


Wiring can always be a problem when restoring your car.  We have the knowledge, experience and  access to NOS wiring harnesses for most every need.  Many projects require wiring upgrades or modifications to accommodate new electronics and new features – no problem.  If you are having troublesome electrical issues, we can help with that too, by tracking down the problem and getting it repaired.  Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered!

 wiring1    wiring2